Flowering Houseplants

Houseplants can do so much for a home on a dark winter day. Imagine the dreariness of winter with snow falling. It’s that time of year when the snow isn’t quite so charming anymore. You just want it to be spring or summer again with the sun shining in your garden. You turn on all the lights and turn up the heat but you still feel like you’re trapped in an igloo. If you have ever felt this way you should consider getting a flowering houseplant. What says life, vibrancy, and beauty more than a wonderful flower? Flowers have been the symbols of beauty and life for thousands of years. You might not know it but you can get a houseplant to bloom for almost the entire year. Even when it is terribly cold outside you can count on these flowers to really make a difference in your environment. Listed bellow are some of my favorite flowering houseplants and some information about how to care for them:

1. Poinsettias are some of my friends’ favorites. This is probably because poinsettias come in various colors and are quite striking. These plants are particularly popular around the holidays, but you should know that they are difficult to keep blooming year after year.

2. African violets are another favorite of mine because they come in so many different colors and shapes. These delicate flowers can be brought back several times each year if you are careful with them.

3. Peace lilies are wonderful flowering houseplants with large glossy leaves. The flowers are elegant and white with large blooms. However, you should know that these plants require a fair amount of warmth and humidity.

4. One of my favorites is the orchid, and simply because these delicate flowers come in so many varieties. I have heard someone say that there are thirty thousand species of orchid in the world. It can be difficult to get orchids to bloom more than once, but they often can if you are careful with them and patient.

5. Bromelaids or urn plants have wonderful foliage and tall, colorful spikes of bracts. These are tricky plants but really wonderful because they tend to bloom for a long time once you get them going.

6. Although not everyone’s style, a cactus makes for a great blooming houseplant. Cacti are very resilient, and in the right conditions they can bloom beautifully. They will need lots of sunlight, and you should be careful not to water them too much. However, you should remember that these wonderful plants have terribly prickly spines. If you have young children you might want to avoid these for the time being.

6. Hibiscus are tropical plants so you should make sure that they represent your style before you invest in one. The flowers can be huge and quite showy. They require lots of warmth, humidity and close observation. Only try these plants if you have the time and the patience.

There are many other species of flowering houseplant for you to discover and try in your own home. The list above is simply comprised of some of my favorites. Each home has a different environment and will allow only certain types of flowering houseplants. If you would like to brake into the world of flowering houseplants you need to take stock of your home and look for plants that will thrive there. A good flowering houseplant can last for years and bless your home with constant beauty. These plants can become like a favorite pet or prized possession. Once you start growing them you won’t be able to stop.