Gardening 101: What Are the Common Houseplants?

The best houseplants, whether placed inside a residential or office space, can help lift both areas to look more vibrant than usual. There are common houseplants that naturally exude their beauty through their aroma, color, shape, and size variations, which are actually helpful when it comes to giving a certain spot to look more inviting when viewed.

Common houseplants also require specific needs (even if they help beautify an area, their needs aren’t all the same) such as conditions pertaining to watering and lighting requirements. But in order to give these plants what they need, it’s best to start by identifying which houseplant will be used. Other than that, also take note that all houseplants are grown indoors (some plant examples are English Ivy, Boston Fern, and Areca Palm).

Keeping houseplants indoors also helps keep the air clean (other than supplying more oxygen). Keeping several of these plants at home is actually a health benefit since these help separate out the toxins in the air (toxins such carbon monoxide and ammonia). They also help keep humans from contracting potential diseases since healthy houseplants help ease the rise of moisture and dust particles (the healthier the plant, the better).

One more advantage to keeping these plants is their capacity to grow amidst low-lighted areas (thus the term low light houseplants). But don’t keep them contained in spaces where there are no light sources at all. These plants will still need a bit of sunshine directed on them, and will still require different light intensity’s (as not all houseplants are of the same level).

Now, also be acquainted with the different types of houseplants. There are non-flowering houseplants, as there are also an abundance of flowering houseplants (such as chrysanthemumsand gardenias that require enough amounts of sunlight on them). The ones that bear no flowers will usually require less maintenance compared to those that do bloom (plants that flower might also require some re-potting later on). Some examples of plants that bloom are that of tulips and begonias.

If you’re looking to find common houseplants that you can use for your home or office decoration, you can go for the following that can be simply raised indoors: Cactus (requires little maintenance), Philodendron, African Violet, Croton, Jade, Aloe Vera, Poinsettia, Corn Plant, Spider Plant, Ivy, Palm, Peace Lily, Rooted Begonia, Star Jasmine, Primrose, Jerusalem Cherry, Geranium, Fuchsia, Flowering Maple, Ferns, Chinese Evergreen, and Azalea (just to name a few).